Yele Bademos, CEO Bundle’s Narration On How SARS Rubbed Him.

Many victims of the atrocious activities of the Police/SARS unit have been coming out to narrative their unpleasant experiences Yele Bademosi, is one of the victims. he took to his Tweeter Handle @YeleBademosi to narrate how he was abducted, harassed, and threatened last year, in Lekki axis of Lagos while he was on his way home. “On October 2019, I got kidnapped by SARS. I was less than 2 mins from home., they refused to listen to anything I said and took me from Lekki to Ajah then all the way to Ikoyi, whilst stopping and harassing other young adults, I`m not sure how many cars they stopped and rubbed,” he said. Yele Bademosi continued, “They took my phones, wallet, house key, my Apple Watch, they didn’t care about my ID cards and claimed I was a Yahoo Boy because I had messages on telegram with foreigners. They demanded N1m from me, made a “fake” phone call to their commander, and said I would sleep in prison. They stopped at the end of Eko Bridge and demanded more money before leaving me to somewhere on the mainland near the international airport. I don’t keep a lot of Naira on meas I am long Bitcoin, and only had N51,000 in my account, which they asked me to withdraw at a UBA ATM. They forced me to open my US bank accounts and said I should transfer USD from my bank of America account to my GTB account. I cried and prayed because I didn’t know what to do and couldn’t understand why and how this is happening. It ws one of the scariest experiences of my life, he said.” Yele said he thought to himself that these officers could kill him and no one would know about it. all he could do was pray to God to protect and deliver him. He didn’t how his ordeal ended but he strongly agreed on banning SARS.

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