Couple In Trouble For Allegedly Starving 5-Year-Old Daughter To Death

A couple, Jerrail Mickens (31) and Porscha Mickens (29) are at the edge of going to jail for allegedly being responsible for the death of their young daughter, Kylie, who died at the age of five. According to reports, the Mickens’ who are resident of Georgia in the United States took their young daughter to the Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton on June 7, 2020, but did not take full responsibility in the treatment of the child. According to a staff of the hospital where Kylie died, cops were notified of the child’s unresponsiveness due to her condition and loss in weight. Adding that she was later flown to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta – Scottish Rite Hospital. However, following Kylie’s death, policemen launched an investigation which lasted for four-month which included interviews, a search of the Mickens’ home and an autopsy on the deceased. In early October, the autopsy which was done revealed that Kylie died from dehydration and malnutrition due to medical neglect. However, Kylie’s parents were arrested and remanded at the Hall County Jail without bond on Wednesday, October 28 as the death of their child was considered a murder case.

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