Ghanaian actor John Dumelo fires back at fans who claim he is an idol worshiper (photo)

Ever since talented Ghanaian actor John Dumelo walked down the aisle with his beautiful bride, the handsome young man has managed to keep his life away from prying eyes. You rarely see him in movies as well as share posts on social media. However, the gentleman has been forced to talk and this time around, he fires back at those who believe he his an idol worshiper or he is practicing occultism. Looking at the picture which got people talking, Dumelo was seen touching the feet of a statue of Christ while on a trip to Montreal. According to his post, he disclosed that he usually does not respond to such comments but stated that, this is an exemption. He made his point by making reference to the woman who had the issue of blood and only wished to be able to touch the hem of Christ’s garment. Dumelo’s post reads: “I usually don’t respond to ‘negative ‘ comments on Instagram but these set of comments need clarification. I posted a picture of myself touching the feet of a statue Christ in a church in Montreal. Some people said it’s idol worshiping. Some said it’s blasphemy and others too said it’s occultism. If we all turn our bibles to Matthew 9:20–22, it’s talks about a woman touching the robe of Jesus to be healed. She said ‘If I can just touch his robe, I will be healed’. That was her faith. And her faith healed her. When we go to certain churches these days, anointing oil, water etc are sold. Some are asked to pray over these and apply them to be healed. What about those that touch TV’s to be healed? Is that idol worshiping? Is that occultism? No, it’s all in your faith. Faith is such a big influence if used correctly. I’m a proud catholic and I will never be ashamed of that. My catholic beliefs and principles have brought me this far and it’s taking me[…]

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