Nigerian lady recounts how she was arrested as a prostitute by Lagos police

Nigerian lady recounts how she was arrested as a prostitute by Lagos police – A Nigerian lady has taken to the social media platform to narrate how she was recently arrested and declared a prostitute by the police in Lagos – According to the gist, she was visiting a female friend when the police raided their home – Unbeknownst to her, the friends had stolen from a man whom they slept with, hence the arrests Being careful about the company one keeps can never be overrated and this Nigerian lady identified as @Sochiikamma can attest to the importance of this. She recently took to social media to reveal how her friendship almost landed her in jail. In a series of tweets, she narrated how she got arrested and was tagged a prostitute when she visited her friend shortly after she got paid for a job she did by a client. She revealed that she was in their apartment when the police raided the place and took her along. She wrote on Twitter:”So I went to collect my pay for a job I did & decided to see a friend I’ve been posting. Got there & we were deep in gist together with her other friends when someone starts banging on her gate. I’m eating & the next thing I hear is “pack all of them. Awon olosho” I pick up my phone to call my mum when 2 officers enter & one of them tells me to drop my phone or he’ll end me. At this moment I’m shouting “oga I’m just a visitor sir”. Man tells me “you go visit cell. Oya march out”. I start laughing. It’s what I do when I’m trying not to cry. Got outside & saw 2 more officers & all I’m hearing is ashewo oshi. Awon ole. They seize my phone & bag. At this rate the laugh couldn’t hold back my tears. I know better than to argue with police officers. So[…]

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