Pretty Mike lectures married women on how to enjoy their husbands

– Famous club owner, Pretty Mike, has shared rules for married women on social media – The controversial fun creator revealed that for women to enjoy their husbands there are certain rules they must abide to – The rules have taken over the internet Never heard of a dog birth a cat but social media age is expanding possibilities in the universe – go figure. Unmarried club owner, Pretty Mike, recently released 15 set of rules for married women to enjoy their husbands and ultimately marriage. The controversial social media celebrity revealed the set of rules on his Instagram page, stating that the rules will help in preserving their home and relationship. He termed it ‘godly’ rules and accompanied them with bible verses. Some social media users thought his rules were wise and tagged him a marriage ambassador. Most of the rules are about steps women must take to please their husband and expand the respect they have for him as the man of the house.

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