Alleged Murder: Tonto Dikeh threatens to expose a luxury hotel in Nigeria

Nollywood actress and philanthropist, Tonto Dikeh, seems to be in the know about an alleged murder plan and she has taken to social media to speak on the issue. The mother of one has revealed on her Instagram story that she is working on a case concerning a 5 star hotel and their alleged involvement in a murder plan. According to the post she put up, the hotel in question attempted to commit murder in order to cover up ‘evil being done right in their premises’. She wrote: “Working on a case that’s breaking my heart and making me lose appetite, a case of on how far these luxury hotels in Nigeria would go to cover up evil been done being done in their premises..I mean even murder? By the end of today, if things don’t settle right, I will be releasing the names, victim and crime committed, five start hotel involved, a murder plan involved.” She went on to threaten the hotel involved, giving them an ultimatum to speak on the issue or risk having details of the crime exposed to the public. Tonto Dikeh is a proud activist for people faced with injustice and perhaps, this case is no different.

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