Nigerian mum of viral McClure twins reveals her husband is not the father of her twins

– Aminat, the mother of the popular internet sensation McClure twins has just revealed that that her husband Justine is not their biological father. – This is coming after questions rose about McClure family after racist tweets made by Justine, surfaced online – He has since apologized for those tweets, stating that they were meant to be jokes Recently, mother of the popular McClure twins, Aminat left a whole lot of people in shock when she revealed that her husband, Justine McClure is not the biological father of the twins. This came after he was under fire for some racist tweets he had made as far back as 2011 down to 2014, all of which has since been deleted. The comments resurfaced online after an inquisitive follower decided to social media user decided to look into the McClure Family’s Twitter account, which was converted from Justin’s personal account when the twins’ popularity grew. This led to a lot of people questioning the actual roots of the twins. Ami took to their YouTube channel to address the issue. “Justin adopted the girls, he is their dad, he is the only dad they have ever known, and he will be the only dad they have ever known.” She said in a recent YouTube video. Ami revealed she was married in 2012, and she left when she was pregnant with the twins because the marriage was a toxic and abusive one. The McClure twins which are one of the most adorable set of twins on the internet, have since grown to become a viral sensation. From their adorable matchy dresses to witty conversations captured online, they always know how to melt hearts with their cuteness.

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