Kanye West feels like a superhero after meeting with Donald Trump

– Kanye West spent some time in the Oval Office with Donald Trump to talk about prison reform – During the meeting, the rapper broke out into one of his infamous rants that has left the whole world stunned – Since the incident, Kanye’s mental state has been called into question Famous singer Kanye West recently met with the American President Donald Trump, and it was interesting to say the least. It’s no secret that Kanye has seem strong opinions about certain issues and tends to go on a rant from time to time, but he managed to shock everyone during a visit to the White House. Within minutes of meeting with the Trump, Kanye broke out into a full-on lecture about parallel universes, hydrogen planes and a whole lot more which left the entire world scratching its head. After his visit, Kanye’s mental health has reportedly been called into question because this rant was truly bizarre, even for him. Trump has had his fair share of crazy rants but even he looked a little uncomfortable during Kanye’s tirade. 2OceansVibe reports that Kanye may have some unresolved family issues seeing as he has never had much of a father figure growing up, which would explain his strong connection with Trump. The pair have met quite a few times before and must know each other pretty well by now, because who else gets to walk over to the President of the United States just to give him a hug? After their embrace, Kanye was heard saying that Trump makes him feel like a superhero, which is totally not an unusual thing to say. It doesn’t end there, it was further reported that the rapper had some more crazy ideas that he needed to share with the world. Kanye did briefly stay on topic but that didn’t last very long, he began speaking about a convict by the name of Larry Hoover, who he plans to rescue from jail because in an[…]

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