Nigerian musician reveals how his 1-year-old son’s kidnapper was caught with mystical ring in Lagos

1-year-old son of Nigerian singer was almost kidnapped recently – The boy was alost kidnapped in his creche – The father was at a location shooting video for his new song when he was called by the school No parent prays to lose his/her child to kidnappers or death. Recently, fast rising singer in Nigeria Abayomi Isiba known simply as Omoawori almost lost his one-year-old son Samson Isiba to kidnappers. His son was said to be in a crèche in Abesan Estate, Ipaja, Lagos, when boy went to the school on the pretense that the father of the little boy asked him to bring him home. Thanks to the school authority that were smart enough to call the baby’s parent to confirm if truly they sent anyone to come and pick their son. The Ojo Ti Burst singer was said to be at a location shooting a video for one of his songs on the fateful day. Omoawori speaking on the incident said: “I felt terrible about the experience; we were shooting a video for my song the day I almost lost my child to kidnappers. His crèche is not far from where I stay and on that day, a teacher in his school summoned someone to call me, that a young boy came to them under the guise that I sent him to pick my child. Upon investigation, we realised that he wanted to abduct my son from the crèche.” The fast rising singer revealed further what they found on the boy after he was searched. He said: “When we searched him, we found a mystical ring with the young man who tried to kidnap my one-year-old son, Samson Isiba. I don’t feel secure anymore because I feel someone is trying to get at me.” He also said because of this bitter experience, he is making plans to relocate from Abesan Estate, Ipaja, as he no longer feels secure in the environment: “I have to change my location because[…]

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