Let musicians be musicians and let politicians be politicians -singer Brymo

Brymo is one Nigerian Afrobeat singer who came into limelight after the release of his hit song Ara. During the recently concluded 2018 Ake Books and Arts Festival, the singer granted an interview in which he revealed details about his musical career as well as his general perception on Nigerian music and sounds. The interview which was conducted by Sahara TV threw more light on the career of the musician whose sound has generated a lot of controversies amongst Nigerians and other musicians. Brymo whose real name is Olawale Ashimi spoke about the numerous issues that musicians in Nigeria especially need to address the industry is going to go farther than it has gotten. For the 32-year-old Brymo, musicians should rather focus on these numerous issues rather than dump music and go the political route. The soul musician was insistent about the fact that not concentrating on one’s musical calling but rather going ahead to pursue other ambitions in political spheres was tantamount to the act of stealing. Any one who engaged in this should thus be tagged a thief. In making his point, Brymo talked about himself and how he have remained true to his musical career for more than 10 years. “I think it is a very difficult move in the sense that there are years invested in every industry. So, you’ve been a musician for 10 to 15 years, and suddenly you dump that to go and become a politician and run for office. You’re just a thief, because there are issues in the entertainment industry you can take part in to fix. Why do you have to run for public office? There are things you can do as a musician in your own music industry and make things better there. If you cannot make things better there, how are you going to make things better in public office?” Going forward, Brymo asserted that musicians should remain they have placed themselves and leave politicians be. The ability[…]

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