Seven Young People Massacred With Grenades And Gunshots In Columbia Attack.

In an attack in South-Western Colombia on Sunday, seven people were killed and four others injured, local media reported. Senator Temistocles Ortega told broadcaster Caracol “Seven young people … were massacred with grenades and gunshots.” The attack happened in Munchique, in the south-western state of Cauca. Ortega said  “You have no alternatives in Cauca,” adding that those who live there are “exposed to criminals of all types.” Army spokesman Marco Vinicio Mayorga told the broadcaster that the crime was “preliminarily attributed” to the Jaime Martinez column, which emerged from the 2016 demobilisation of the guerrilla movement FARC and operates in the area. The country’s ombudsman for human rights condemned the Cauca events on Twitter, saying: “We urgently need to eradicate the … violence which affect rights and constantly endanger the lives of Colombians.” According to the NGO Indepaz, over 240 people have died in 60 massacres which was defined as at least killing of three people in the country so far this year.

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