Adorable pregnancy styles of top Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji

Gone are the days where maternity fashion had to be dull, saggy and boring. All thanks to top Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji who has redefined the fashion of maternity style while rocking a massive baby bump. Linda made it public that she was pregnant and expecting her child with an unidentified baby father recently. As fans rejoiced with her on the good news, many had thought it would mark the end of her reign as a slay mama who always found a way to look stunning for the gram. Little did they know that her style was about to evolve. Ikeji who is expecting a boy has taken time off work to prepare for the birth of her son but as she awaits the special day to be called a mother, she has been thrilling a lot of her fans with the latest swag in maternity fashion. As a pregnant lady, the 37-year-old has proven to the world that pregnancy is not an excuse to look anything less than chic and stylish. Since her protruding belly took over her frontal, she has rocked different dresses that have reflected her hotness. From maxi, to off-shoulder lacey and figure hugging dresses, we’ve seen it all the simple yet stylish famous blogger. No doubt, she makes a stunning pregnant lady. The future looks bright for Linda who recently, earned a honourary doctorate degree and made sure to rock two beautiful dresses as she got her award in Georgia.

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