Social media reacts as Nigerian guy reveals how a girl tried to take advantage of him

– A Nigerian man has taken to social media to share his encounter with a girl – According to him, the lady in question tried to take advantage of him while he was drunk – Many people have expressed their support and even went on to condemn the terrible act Most times, when stories of sexual abuses come up, the women are usually the victims. Well in this case, it is a complete twist as a man has found himself at the other side of the story. The man, identified as Kenechukwu, recently came out to reveal how he was almost taken advantage of. While it is unclear whether he was being sarcastic about the situation just to pass a message to the ladies, it is rather safe to assume he shared his story out of the trauma he was put through by the lady who he claims, tried to take advantage of him s*xually. He wrote,”A girl tried to take advantage of me last night. She saw I was high on alcohol and she was touching me in a very ungodly manner. She kept trying to grab my crotch. I kept removing her hand. Guys don’t talk to strangers when you are drunk.” Many people, especially guys, reacted to the post. Most of them expressed their support, while advising him to see a therapist to help him deal with ‘traumatic’ encounter. When a lady tried to refer to the post as a joke, the guys spared no words in letting her know it wasn’t to be treated lightly.

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