Nigerian man narrates how his girlfriend tried to extort money from him using false pregnancy

– Man narrates how a girl faked being pregnant for him – He boasted of how he was able to outsmart the fake pregnancy stunt -The man advises fellow Nigerian men on how to outwit girls who prove to be smart Nigerian man whose Twitter handle identified him as @yeankhar shared a striking experience which happened while he was in university. The episode was about how an unknown lady wanted to extort him of his money by falsely claiming to be pregnant for him. According to him, the lady who appeared to be a girlfriend of his came to his house and said she missed her period which is a popular way of saying that she was pregnant and was holding him responsible for it. The man @yeankhar expressed calmness so as not to put the lady off, but he described how much the unexpected news caused him to palpitate. After confirming from her if she was truly pregnant, he asked them to keep the child and bear it to maturity. The unknown girlfriend decided against the suggestion saying rather that she wanted to abort the baby as she was not ready to have a child. Her strong insistence on aborting the baby with the money he will provide caused the Nigerian man in question to be suspicious. His arising suspicions was what caused him to buy 4 Ptest sticks or what is aptly known as pregnancy test strip and using it on her urine on a particular night. The strips revealed that she was not pregnant. Upon confronting her, the lady who claimed to be pregnant said these strips could fluctuate and be contradictory. The Lagos-based gentleman refused to be outsmarted and thus he repeated the test. After getting the same negative result, the woman blamed the clinic she had done the test for feeding her with a wrong report. Although Pope Piano did not so much as believe her story, he decided not to pursue the truth. It[…]

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