I believe in my husband and not God – Bisi Alimi

When it comes to mentioning one of the most popular gay activists in Nigeria and in the United States, Bisi Alimi’s name will make the list. He has taken it upon himself to fight for others who share his believe and activities. In a recent interview, the gay activist come out to speak about his belief in Christ. Alimi was seen granting the interview with his Oyinbo husband. The gay couple agreed that they do not believe in God. Alimi who recently visited Nigerian disclosed that he does not have any religious belief be it Islam or Christianity. He added that on Sunday mornings, he goes out to have a full English breakfast with his husband as he is the only person he believes in. Part of his interview says: “I don’t have any religious belief. I and my husband always have full English breakfast on Sunday morning. I visited a church in Badagry recently because I wanted to give my husband an experience of what it is like to visit Nigeria.” About believing in his husband Alimi said: “I believe in him because I can see him, I can touch him and I can converse with him, we can talk about things and make plans for the future.”

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