Banky W finally responds to ladies who dissed him for driving old Range Rover model

– Two Nigerian ladies caught the attention of many social media users when they released a video of the kind of car Banky W and his wife drive. – Many Nigerian celebrities left several comments defending Banky – After his long silence, Banky W finally responded to the trolls Earlier, of two young ladies trolling Banky W and his wife, Adesua for driving an old Range Rover model despite being A-class celebrities. The video sparked controversy on social media and several Nigerian celebrities rushed to defend one of their own while attacking the mentality who judge people’s bank accounts based on the car they drive. Banky who many thought will keep mum about the whole issue recently released a lengthy epistle on his blog, defending his life choices and announcing his plans for the ‘expired’ Range Rover the girls fell right to diss. In his lengthy post, he addressed the audacity of the young ladies to come on social media to show the kind of people they truly are. He then stated his plans to put the car up for auction after he pastes a huge photo of his wife and himself and have many other celebrities sign it. Banky shared that he will be donating the proceeds from the sale to Vocational School for the Blind” in Oshodi and the Pink Oak Cancer Trust Fund as his donation towards the betterment of lives of other people in the country. Mr Wellignton made sure to school the girls on how material wealth isn’t equal financial stability or success. He also made sure to inform everyone who cared to know that himself and his wife have ordered brand new cars in recently released models and will drive them as long as they can. His post read: “Dear Stalker, In response to the cringe-worthy, creepy video you made about my wife and I, I think there are some things you need to know. First of all, poverty will never be my portion[…]

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