Come and rent advert space on my breast – Nigerian lady says

People have come up with all sort of things with their body as far as it will fetch them more money. Some step out at night to sell their bodies to men while others find it more convenient to take up office jobs or start up a business of their own. A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to reveal what she intends to do with her big breast. Identified as Niki baby (@_Nikiwinks_) on Twitter, she disclosed that she has decided to monetize that part of her body. Niki added that, rather than people staring endlessly at her massive chest, she would put it up for rent so people can pay for advert spaces. Her post reads: “See I have big breast and a lot of people like to look at it, come and rent advert space on my chest. I will just wear your shirt and be walking upandan Lagos. What do you think? Seriously, I want to draft a proposal, register an ad agency if I can and do something with this. It might sound like a joke but I feel this can be something. Serious people only please. If you’re a big breasted girl and you think you could wear a shirt and talk to people about products then please like this post and I will reach out to you. This is not a joke nor is it prostitution. Just using our God given assets to put food on the table without laying on our.”

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