Waje writes open letter to young people about success

Nigerian sensational singer, Waje has taken to social media to dish out some pretty serious advice to young people about success. While the celebrity life is a glamorous one filled with envy-worthy activities that include expensive trips and flashy cars, the celebrities don’t always have it easy and Waje is letting everyone know this. She took to social media to express her feelings about people who aren’t ready to work hard but want to enjoy the good things of life. She went on to reveal how she has worked with 4 different personal assistant in 3 months, all of them complaining the job is too tedious. Sharing a piece of advice on her Instagram page, she captioned, “What’s your worth? The value you bring? Successful people grind!” Coming from a single mother who struggled through several life challenges to become one of Nigeria’s most successful female artistes, it is safe to safe her advise is pretty valid.

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