I lost her for good – Billionaire son Paddy Adenuga laments

Like they say, you don’t know what you have till it’s gone. Such is the case of many love stories that have turned sour. Nigerian Billionaire, Michael Adenuga’s son, Paddy, took to social media to explain how he lost a lady very dear to him due to his youthfulness and foolishness. The heartbroken young man took to his Twitter account to recount his loss. According to him, all she ever wanted was his time and care, but he was too young to appreciate it, and he now misses her dearly and wishes things had been different. He tweeted: “Once upon a time i met a young woman that loved me completely.. all she ever wanted was my time and candy percy pig to be exact.. “but back then i was too young and foolish to know what i had and i lost her for good “now i look back and think what a big mistake i made.” Sometimes, people do not realise that they have a good thing till it becomes too late. Hopefully, he would learn from his mistakes.

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