Davido narrates hilarious story of how his father sent police to arrest him after his first show

– Multi-award winning singer, Davido, recently opened up about his journey as a musician – Speaking on The Breakfast Club, he revealed that his dad once got him arrested – According to the OBO, delving into music business wasn’t at first, accepted by his dad Even though Davido is a huge music star, his road to success wasn’t one without bumps. In a recent interview, the singer opened up about the reception he got from his father when he started music full time. Speaking on The Breakfast Club, the Nwa Baby crooner revealed that his dad was completely against him doing music after school. To avoid his moves, he was sent to America, but in rebellion, he moved back to Nigeria and released his first song and in fact, started performing in different shows. When news got to his father about his music life, he decided to end it. After his first show, it ended differently than he expected when about 50 policemen were waiting to arrest him. Davido managed to escape but his friends and his then girlfriend were detained and taken to the station. His dad finally made a call to him and warned, saying if he didn’t show up at the station, his friends will be going to jail. Interestingly, it was during this period the singer released Dami Duro, a song said to be directed to his father, stating he shouldn’t be stopped. Luckily, he was able to convince his father to chase his dreams. Today, Davido has over seven million followers on Instagram and has made major moves in the industry. The singer is touring different cities around the world, selling out concert tickets and basically dominating the Nigerian entertainment industry. Financially, he must have also earned the respect of his father. Recently, he bought himself a private jet said to have cost N9.7 billion. Clearly, the young man’s destiny is music and he his fulfilling it.

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