Police Service Commission board members decries poor state of police colleges

– The members of the Police Service Commission have promised to give police colleges across Nigeria a face-lift – The commissioners said the poor state of the colleges is unbelleiveable – They said a new look for the colleges would increase the capacity to train more students in the force The board members of the Police Service Commission (PSC) have condemned the poor state of some police colleges across Nigeria. The board during a working visit to the commissioner of police in Enugu and the Police College in Oji said they wondered how such a college meant for the training of new recruits be this decrepit. Reacting to the state of facilities in the college, the PSC board member said it is unbelievable to imagine that the hostels are without roofs, adequate water sources, and lack of toilet facilities for the recruits especially the women who bath outside. After the tour round the college, the board members vowed to draw the attention of stakeholders to such an eyesore and promised to give the college a new look in order to increase its capacity to train more students. The members of the commission present included: Nkemka Jombo-Ofo the host commissioner in Enugu, Rommy Mom, Hajia Najatu Muhammed and Austin Braimoh. Also speaking during the tour of the facilities, the commissioner representing the Chairman of Police Service Commission, Austin Braimoh said the PSC would continue to confer with the governor of the state on the commission’s efforts to build a model police force. He also said the PSC in a bid to fulfill the mandate given to it by President Buhari will ensure there is a new face-lift of the Nigerian police.

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