Adesua Etomi preaches to cyber bullies on social media

– Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi, recently called out cyber bullies – In a post shared on her Twitter page, the pretty actress expressed surprise about trolls – Adesua, despite being ‘perfect’ has been a victim of some cyberbullies It’s no news that it’s the season of trolls since the advent of social media. Hiding behind keyboards, some people choose to bring down certain personalities with their words. This apparent epidermic mostly affect famous people who these trolls believe should know how they are perceived. Many Nigerian celebrities deal with hate comments everyday as much as they deal with people worshiping them on social media and often times, they react when it appears to be braking their spirit. There’s been cases of celebrities responding to trolls in an attempt to put them in their place and sometimes, it gets ugly. Recently, Adesua Etomi, must have felt the heat as she shared a post calling out cyberbullies in a perceived diplomatic message. Clearly, Mrs W doesn’t speak conceited and attempted to speak to the conscience of whoever cares to listen. In her post, she expressed shock over the audacity of some people to hide behind fake accounts and say the most inhumane things about other people. Adesua advised that there’s God and karma knows their location. Interestingly, few hours after sharing her ‘sermon,’ it was taken down. Meanwhile, just recently, Adesua Etomi responded to internet troll who questioned why she has not gotten pregnant.

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