Linda Ikeji reveals she’s not a church goer but receives God’s blessings

– Celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji has left many people surprised after she revealed she is not a church goer – According to the post she shared online, she stated that despite this, she never seizes to praise God – She revealed this while sharing her struggle to fame Almost every Nigerian celebrity attributes their success to their dedication to God and how often they give back to the church. For Nigerian celebrity blogger, her spiritual ‘modus operandi’ is a bit different. She recently revealed that she is not a church goer but however constantly receives God’s favours. According to the expecting mother, she never seizes to praise and thank God every day and for her, it works. In a lengthy Instagram post, she wrote:”Every other minute, someone somewhere, in Nigeria, in the world, is subscribing to Everytime I get an alert of a payment, I mouth ‘Thank You God’. This is a venture many had doubts would work, but God has a way of proving people wrong. Now, I’ll like to share with you guys the secret of my success; Hardwork and a lot of PRAYER & PRAISES. Listen, I’m not a church goer; if I told you how many times I’ve been to church in the last 5 years, you would call me a sinner.But here’s what I do every day I wake up; I pray to God and then I praise Him. I never fail. Even if it’s just for a minute, I praise Him. You know what I’ve learnt by constantly praising God? I learnt that the more I praise Him, the more He steps into my matter; the more I praise Him, the more He Gives me reasons & testimonies to praise Him. I didn’t come from riches; I’ve seen the kind of poverty I hope many of you never see; there were days that I didn’t have food to eat; days I would walk for miles because I didn’t have transport fare; days I[…]

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