Woman wrests gun from would-be robber and shoots him; when robber steals gun back and points it at her, it jams

A 54-year-old woman, identified as Marnita Carter, is thanking God after she managed to wrestle a gun from an assailant, shoot him, and then narrowly avoid getting shot herself. She was in the early hours of Saturday, August 4, attacked by a robber near her South Side bus stop in Chigaco, USA. As Carter was staring at a gun stuck in her face by the robber, she grabbed it and struggled with him. She got off a shot, hitting his hand, but the robber got the gun back and stood over her on the sidewalk. “… You shot me with my own gun. Now I’m gonna shoot your … (expletive),” the robber said as he regained his gun. However, she, fortunately, escaped being shot as the robber’s gun jammed. “I was shocked that it didn’t go off again,” she recalled to ChicagoTribune a day after the attack in the 8000 block of South Ashland Avenue. “It was the Lord — that’s what it was.” it was gathered that police arrested Dennis Evans, the robber, a few minutes later about four blocks away, where the 23-year-old reportedly lives with his mom and two sisters. Carter, a mother of three, said that her weekend began with little drama. She works in the kitchen of a hotel across town, and she needed to catch the bus around 6am for the long commute. She walked a couple of blocks from her South Side apartment to get to the stop near a dollar store. That is when, she said, she noticed the man. “I had to do what God gave me the strength to do: Defend myself,” Carter said. She recalled that she thought he was drunk or mentally ill. Then he pulled a gun and demanded her purse and other bags. “The minute he pulled it out, he cocked it. And I thought, ‘I have to think of something,’” she recalled. She said she saw people across the street, so she screamed for help,[…]

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