Singer Tiwa Savage opens up on her romantic relationship with Wizkid

For a while now, Nigerians have shared several rumors on social media about talented singers Tiwa Savage and Wizkid. They insinuated that the duo were in an intimate relationship. The rumors went viral again after the Tiwa and Savage released a single, Malo. Their fans did not believe they could be so connected in the song if they is nothing going on between them. However, this rumor soon spread like wild fire and many are yet to believe that it’s a lie. In an interview with Soundcity, the songstress has finally opened up on her rumored romantic relationship with Wizkid. According to her, she disclosed that she has grown thick skin to all rumors and insinuations. Tiwa said: “I heard all sorts of stories about Wizkid and I, but I chose to ignore them. At a point, people said I was dating Humblesmith, later they mentioned another (artiste?). How long will I continue to debunk these rumors. I have been in the music industry for quite a while and I have grown a thick skin, so certain rumors or insinuations don’t get to me again.” Speaking on her broken marriage with Teebillz, Tiwa disclosed that it is a very sensitive issue to delve into at this time because she might say something and it would be taken out of context by the other person. She added that she respects Teebillz and their son, Jamil and will not like to say anything. On several comparisons with Beyonce, Tiwa said: “I wish people could stop comparing me to Beyonce. I respect her because she’s about the best female artiste in the world, but I don’t think I want to be like her. I would rather like to be myself. There is no basis for me to be like her or anyone. I don’t know why people think I am obsessed with her. I want to be on my lane and be known as Tiwa Savage, not Beyonce.” Well said!

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