Nigerian singer Viktoh shares scary suicidal post on social media

It is gradually becoming a norm for young Nigerians to take to social media to reveal why they are tired of the air they breath and wish they can just take their own lives. Some successfully commit suicide while some are lucky. Popular Nigerian singer Viktoh is getting his fans scared has he recently took to his Snapchat handle ti share an heartbreaking post about being fed up of life. No one is sure what could have led him to this but the former YBNL artist wished that he can just go to place where his heart would ache no more. Viktoh’s scary Snapchat post reads: “What happens next when the world knocks you down? There is so much pain in this world that I just wanna leave and go somewhere better. I want to go to a place where your heart never aches again! I just wish something could take this pain away cause.”

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