Don Jazzy dons a ‘skirt’ in a visit to Scotland

– Nigerian music producer Don Jazzy rocks a skirt in new pictures – The skirt is part of what comes with his professional visit to Scotland – The don shared his opinion about the attire and the country in which it is worn Music producer and director Don Jazzy was spotted rocking a striped skirt and ancient suit. The attire popularly referred to as a kilt is a Scottish hallmark that comes with their culture. The popular musician wore the fashionable outfit during a trip to Scotland. Having loved the cultural attire, he took to his Instagram page to share a picture of him looking dapper in the full garb. Apart from the blue and green striped ‘skirt’ and suit covered in shiny buttons, Don Jazzy was also wearing black socks and laced shoes. With his hands raised to his mouth, the A-list producer made an understandable gesture that urged people to keep his open secret. Notwithstanding, the owner of — record label couldn’t help but gush about how much he loved wearing the kilt. He made reference to the fact that the flair skirt granted his body more freedom: “When you wear this lovely kilts in Scotland , the gbola is Finally free. . Shhhh don’t tell anyone o.” Also, the former Mo hits singer said he was having a swell time on the professional trip: “Having an amazing time as always on this trip too.” Only recently, Richard Mofe Damijo also shared a picture of himself wearing a kilt. The image was a throwback picture of when he was also in Edinburgh, Scotland. It would appear that Don Jazzy was also with him on that official trip and they were just as well wore the Scottish attire. Yet again, it has been confirmed that they are together on this new trip. Not just that, the duo had had a nice time dancing to bagpipes and blending with the cultural lifestyle of the Scottish people. With Don Jazzy and[…]

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