Share your photos at 16 if you think I’m ugly – Regina Daniels challenges fans

It is obvious that Nollywood teenage actress Regina Daniels is gradually carving a niche for herself in the movie industry. Aside from being an actress, the teen star is also dedicating part of her time to study. Daniels on Monday, August 13, shared a cute picture on Instagram where she seized the opportunity to call out some of her followers who doubt her age. Without wasting much time, the 16-year-old actress challenged some her fans to share a picture of them at her age. Daniels added that, this would let her know if there were more beautiful than she is or not. Her Instagram post reads: “All I need is good energy and good people. Heels are not my thing. I gave it a try and I liked it. Oh yes ! Am pretty and I know it….. if u are older than me and u call me ugly, bring out your picture when you were 16.” The teen star also gushed about how beautiful and intelligent she is adding that, that is not all you need in life but one must have a good character to back it up. Daniels post reads: “When you are beautiful with brains, it means a lot. Having good character, knowing how to cook, being business oriented, knowing how to minimize resources ETC….. add your other qualities.”

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