Man surprised as his 17-year-old sister got married without informing her family in Imo state

A Nigerian man has cried out after his sister tied the knot without letting her family know about her wedding. The man identified as Raphael Udoye explained that he did not know about the wedding until invitation cards were printed. The man revealed that he had only found out about the wedding after a course mate had called him that he didn’t invite her to his sister’s wedding. He recounted that he immediately called his sister to ask if she was getting married. According to him, sister had been rude to him on phone, telling that her church Fishers of Men Charismatic Church had advised her not to tell the family. He said his sister told him to come to the church if he wanted to know more. Raphael also revealed that his sister Blessing Udoye had been planning the wedding for six months before he found out He explained that when his family members refused to support the union, the groom’s father came to his house and asked him to accept their union. Raphael said he refused, adding that the elders who knew what was right did nothing. According to him, the father of the groom claimed that it is a tradition in their church that the bride’s family would know nothing about the wedding until the wedding day. On his Facebook post, the furious man stated that in his opinion his sister was kidnapped and she did not marry the man. “I FORBID YOU TO BE MY IN-LAW TILL ETERNITY I Raphael Udoye From Umualabuike Isieke Isiokpo in Ideato North L.G.A Imo State Hereby Announce to the World That This Idiot In the Picture is never, and can never be my In-law. I Raphael can never hide taboo no matter who did it, I don’t care if you are my Blood or not. Many people will say why did I went to work why my Blood sister is getting married. It just started on 29th of June 2018,[…]

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