Unknown Nigerian explains how Shaku Shaku is a ‘slavery’ dance

A certain message trending on social media platforms reveal disturbing details about the famous Shaku Shaku dance moves that is currently taking over dance floors in the country. In the message, its creator claims that the dance move which involves the hands in a locking motion and the feet in a shaking movement depict the primary state of chained slaves, begging for freedom. The dance found it’s way to mainstream following the release of a major hit banger by indigenous rapper, Olamide aka Baddo. The famous dance is done by stretching out the arm and crossing them over each other in front with the legs widened out and launching into a graceful half-galloping. earlier it was shared an extensive origin of the dance move, which today is performed by millions of Nigerians in different parts of the world. While most people display their moves once a song starts banging speakers, an unknown individual has opined that the dance is a slavery one and advised that Nigerians stops doing it as it might have a spiritual connection that can possible jeopardise their destiny. In the circulating message on several social media platforms, it is said that the term ‘shaku shaku’ originates from the world shackles which is linked to being chained and hindered from freedom. Some disturbing images were attached, showing statues of slaves in the shaku shaku position, insinuating that the dance might have connection to slavery as claimed by the writer. Meanwhile, a Twitter user once claimed that the Shaku Shaku dance is for criminals and signifies that the position they are in when they are calling their girlfriends to come bail them from prison.

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