Waconzy goes on cursing spree after fans react when he slammed Tekno for smoking.

Waconzy recently went on a cursing spree on Instagram. – The dreadlocked Nigerian singer literally placed curses on fans who did not agree with a post he made on a photo of Tekno – He had written that smoking weed was not for everybody Nigerian singer Waconzy managed to get himself back into the consciousness of many with some comments he made on social media. It all started when popular musician Tekno took to his Instagram page to post a photo showing him smoking. Waconzy then went to the comment section of the post to write that smoking weed is not for everyone. “Hey guys as much as we all love tekno, pls remember that weed is not for everybody . Buying weed with ur money is same as burning your cash with fire. Weed, cigarettes and mastu*bation will drain ur brain and leave you confused, in anxiety and will always make you paranoid,” he wrote. However, his comments did not sit well with some fans who immediately responded to his comment. One told him to shut his dirty mouth while also labelling him a one hit wonder. To that fan, Waconzy cursed him with an unending sickness. To the other fan who told him his career was irrelevant, he told him he will end up an Instagram beggar. Perhaps after being told his comments were too harsh, Waconzy also made another post where he explained that he was not beefing Tekno but that everyone should shun weed. “finally I wasn’t referring to tekno but to my young youths who believe the only way they will get inspiration is by smoking weed . Am here to tell them that to make evergreen success , u must THINK CLEARLY and must be UNDER NO INFLUENCE. Protect ur mind .. it’s all u have ! Gone in ur mind , gone forever ????” Despite the backlash, he still went ahead to chastise the youths on smoking:

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