Marriage requires maintenance and care – Stella Damasus

– Stella Damasus has revealed the secrets to a happy marriage – She made this known via a post on her Instagram page – For her, marriage requires maintenance and care from both the husband and wife Famous actress Stella Damasus is one celeb who uses her Instagram page for many things. She uses it to keep her fans updated with her daily life and sometimes, she gives very important advices. Recently, she shared what in her opinion can make any marriage successful. According to her, for every marriage to work, it needs maintenance and care. See her post below: “Marriage is like having a potted plant in your home. If you don’t water it and let it receive sunlight it will ….. It requires maintenance and care. Date your spouse again, befriend your spouse again and MAKE TIME for special moments. I don’t know who this message is for but hang in there.” This is coming after actress Beverly Afaglo revealed she has a way of keeping her husband’s mind off kerewa whenever he comes calling. “Like we won’t have prostitutes, they don’t get intimate. They just go down because they have to and it happens, a lot of women are out there who don’t get intimate with men because they have to do it for whatever reason. In marriage, it is very funny, we’ve been taught as women not to ever say no to your husband so there are times you are not in the mood but you just have to do it. There are times you have a nicer way of sleeping off. You can cuddle, you can kiss and you can have a long chat and before you know it both of you are gone and that long chat brings closeness,” she said.

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