Wofai Fada rants about her iPhone7 allegedly stolen by fans

– Nigerian actress, Wofai Fada, is not having the best time post AMVCA2018 – The pained actress revealed how she was robbed of her phone at the event which shut down Lagos on September 1 – Wofai shared a post begging for her iPhone 7 to be returned While Nigerian celebrities crowded Eko Hotel and Suites on September 1 in their best outfits for the AMVCA, Nollywood actress and comedienne Wofai Fada was robbed of her phone at the event. Wofai revealed details of the painful incident on Instagram, stating that fans had come to her, wanting to take photos, only to make away with her Iphone 7 – a phone which cost between N272,000 – N356,000. Fada who had to log into her account with another person’s phone pleaded that her iphone be returned as it will be useless to the thief, given the high level security embedded in the phone. She also stated that she’s willing to compensate the person as she values her content more than anything else. Prior to losing her phone, Fada showed up, looking all shades of beautiful for the event. Rather than go the dress route, she wanted to keep things chic and opted for a fuchsia pink suit and finished the look wearing grey hair and yellow plums on her feet. Meanwhile, just recently, Wofai Fada acquired a multi-million luxury Infiniti SUV while bidding farewell to her Honda car.

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