Tobi Bakre’s mother advises intending wives about marriage

– Former BBNaija housemate, Tobi Bakre’s mum recently dropped some wisdom nuggets for ladies – The adorable mother shared a post advising ladies about being a unity cord in the home – Her post came up shortly after the drama between Alex and Tobi Tobi Bakre’s lovely mum has some women thinking deeply about their role as future wives and mothers in a family. The brilliant mother shared a post on Instagram advising ladies about being a unity cord in the home and many fans are suspecting are words are directed to Alex. For a while now, Tolex have made many fans believe their relationship has blossomed into something deeper and more meaningful. So much that some people are even counting down to their wedding day. All that hope got a bit shattered when the apparent couple had a fight and unfollowed each other on social media. The cause of their fight was unknown and although they claimed to have sorted it, some fans still doubt they are still together. All that doubt turned to belief when Tobi’s mum, Funke Bakre, shared a post advising ladies about not being a divisionist in the family. Although she didn’t mention Alex, many just assumed it had a lot to do with the recent issue that almost ruined the relationship she had with Tobi. On the hand, Mrs Bakre had many women thinking about marriage and the important role they should play when they get it. Her words embedded the wisdom of a mother and wife and anyone who cares to listen can learn from it.

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