Kcee takes to Twitter to curse music producer Cartel Tunes who says he sings trash

– Kcee recently showed another side of himself on social media – He slammed a fan who wrote a negative message about him on Twitter. The fan had wrote that he sings trash – The popular musician called the fan a fool It never ends well when a fan tells a musician that he or she sings trash. It is expected that the musician will defend his or her art and react. This is exactly what happened when a fan who is also an upcoming producer named Cartel Tunes took to his Twitter page to write that popular Nigerian musician Kcee sings trash. He added that money has covered Kcee’s sense of reasoning. Reacting to the post, Kcee prayed that may money continue to cover his sense of reasoning and that the fan is a fool. “Dear money continue to cover my sense of reasoning, may you never stay far away from me… This is all I pray for and to you Fool , may you continue to count other people’s blessings all tru the days of your life . Amen!”

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