Man calls out ex for claiming to be celebrating two years of being celibate

– A Facebook user identified as Giftphronesis Watchful has had her bubble busted on social media – The young graduate shared a post celebrating two years of being celibate – A possible ex called her out, insinuating she lied about being chaste Social media these days is filled with details of the kind of life most people want others to know they are living. Often times, it’s either an exaggeration or blatant lie but hardly do they have people calling them out. A Facebook user identified as GiftPhronesis Watchful wasn’t so lucky recently after she put up a post claiming to be celibate and having been for two years. While some congratulated her for abstaining from pre-marital intimacy, one certain guy who could be an ex, called her out. The young man identified as Hon Engr Osinuchi revealed that it’s not up to two years as she claimed as she has made frequent visits to Port Harcourt, suggesting she’s been in the city to get some. It’s easy to fall prey to the likes and comments and paint a picture that isn’t exactly true. It is also pretty easy for anyone who is in your real life to come forth and tear down the facade that you’ve put up in a virtual world. The true lesson is, it’s just social media, no one should get hooked. Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady recently called out Nollywood actress Juliet Mgborukwe for dragging her into her marital crisis on social media.

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