Teen driver who survived horror crash vows to race again

A 17-year-old racing driver who fractured her spine in a horrifying crash at the Formula Three Macau Grand Prix has vowed to return to the sport after surviving surgery lasting nearly half a day. Sophia Floersch German Sophia Floersch flew off the track on Sunday, hurtling into marshals and photographers, before being rushed to a Macau hospital in a stable condition. I survived the operation which took 11 hours. Hope from now on it only gets better,” she wrote in a Facebook post late Tuesday. I’m going to come back!” she added. Floersch said she had to stay “a few more days” in Macau until it is possible to transport her elsewhere. She thanked the medical staff who treated her as well as the people who helped at the scene of the crash for their “encouraging, calming words in these tough minutes in my car”. Dramatic footage captured gasps from the crowd as the Van Amersfoort Racing driver’s car flew through the air and into safety netting at the Guia Circuit’s Lisboa bend, a sharp right-hander. Running 16th, she lost control in a contact down the straight, launched off a kerb and bounced off Tsuboi’s TOM’s Racing car. “ My thoughts are also with everyone who was involved in the accident. I hope everybody is healthy,” Floersch said in her post. – Circuit ‘not dangerous’ – The International Motoring Federation (FIA) has opened an investigation but FIA race director Charlie Whiting said it is “too soon” to say what caused the accident. Whiting also insisted that the Macau Grand Prix circuit is not dangerous. “ It is too soon to try and establish what the cause was,” Whiting told AFP. “ We know the initial cause for her loss of control but we need to analyse very very carefully. “It takes a few weeks to analyse data from the car, analyse video very carefully and try and establish exactly how the two cars made contact, how they interacted and what[…]

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