Data Reward Naija portal offers sponsored posts that reward visitors with airtime for staying on the post for a specified amount of time. Sponsors pay for their brand, event, or business to be published on the portal. As a content creator, you can create engaging sponsored posts for sponsors and promote them to your audience.

  • 60secs-reward Sponsored Post: Reward 100 Naira Airtime per visitor
    Range: 10 secs – 60 secs

Sponsors Rate:
a. 1 week = 5,000 Naira
b. 2weeks = 10,000 Naira
c. 4 weeks = 18,000 Naira

  • 2min-reward Sponsored Post: Reward 150 Naira Airtime per visitor
    Range: 60 secs – 120 secs

Sponsors Rate:
a. 1 week = 7,000 Naira
b. 2weeks = 14,000 Naira
c. 4 weeks = 25,000 Naira

  • 3min-reward Sponsored Post: Reward 200 Naira Airtime per visitor
    Range: 120 secs – 180 secs

Sponsors Rate:
a. 1 week = 10,000 Naira
b. 2weeks = 18,000 Naira
c. 4 weeks = 33,000 Naira

By promoting Data Reward Naija Portal and referring sponsors to our platform, you can earn a commission of 10% on each deal you bring. We believe this is a great opportunity for you to generate extra income while creating engaging content.

Please feel free to call or Whatsapp us at +234-810-907-5210 to negotiate a customized reward for your website or blog. We look forward to partnering with you.

Best regards,
Data Reward Naija Team.